about me

Ryota was born in Osaka in 1984, and started his career in Ny soon after graduated from high school.

For his twenties,he had worked with the many famous photographers,stylists 

and actors in Tokyo and also done the many campaigns


Now he is based in Osaka, and established R makeup school.

1984年 大阪生まれ。

高校卒業後NYへ。Learning Institute of Beauty Sciences (NY) 卒業後、美容室(CarloMarco Studio)に勤務する傍ら、雑誌の撮影やNY collectionに参加。

帰国後、M•A•C本店(pro shop)勤務の後、独立。誰もが知る俳優やモデルを担当。

2015年10月 R makeup schoolを設立。